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Thailand cave rescue: How this Indian wisdom helped trapped football coach keep boys alive

Thailand cave rescue!

Four more boys and the soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand were rescued on Tuesday. On Sunday and Monday, as many as eight boys were rescued in two successful operations that have gripped the entire world.

As many as 12 boys and their soccer coach were trapped in the flooded cave for over two weeks. Their miraculous survival, and the will power to see the light of day after so many days, has surprised the world.

In times of crisis, one’s ability to keep calm often saves the day. According to Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission, Royal Thai Embassy, the soccer coach’s knowledge of Buddhist wisdom helped the coach keep the boys calm.

“Coach was a Buddhist monk before joining the team, he used his knowledge of meditation to keep the boys calm. Thailand has learned Buddhist wisdom from India through Lord Buddha,” the Thai official was quoted as saying by ANI today.

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The 25-year-old assistant coach Ekapol Chanthawong had learnt the art of meditation at a gilded temple in Thailand’s mountainous northern reason. He had spent a decade as a Buddhist monk before becoming the coach to the Moo Pa (Wild Boars) soccer team.

Ekapol left monkhood three years ago to join the Wild Boars as an assistant coach. For the boys, he has been a divine force saving them. Rescue officials have told reporters that Ekapol is among the weakest in the group, sharing his limited food and water with them in the early days. The monk-turned-coach also taught the boys how to meditate and conserve as much energy as possible until they were traced.


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Reports say that Ekapol had lost his parents at the age of 10, and then trained to be a monk. Later, he left the monastery to take care of his ailing grandmother in Mae Sai in northern Thailand.

How they got trapped in cave

The 12 boys and the coach got trapped on June 23 when they set out to explore the vast cave complex after their soccer practice. The tunnels of the cave complex was flooded with the rainy season downpour. The 13 were found by British divers on Monday last week. They were found huddled on a muddy bank in a partly flooded chamber several kilometres inside the complex.


2000 ผบ.นสร.ร่วมกับกำลังพลจาก นสร.เดินทางเข้าถึงโถง 3 ของถ้ำหลวง ปฏิบัติการร่วมกับกำลังพลจากมณฑลทหารบกที่ 37,…

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On June 23, the soccer team’s head coach Nopparat Khanthavong had asked Ekapol to look after the boys by himself. “Make sure you ride your bicycle behind them when you are traveling around, so you can keep a lookout,” Nopparat had told Ekapol, Washington Post reported on July 7.

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