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It’s a great thing if a Muslim shows human traits says the world Media

On June 28 there was a story published in an Indian English daily titled “Muslim man returns wallet to stranger because Islam teaches him so”.

When I read this headline it was hilarious in the very first place which prompted me write about it in detail with certain recent examples how Muslims across the globe are seen as someone with no humane behaviour, if someone behaves like human it becomes a special case worth reporting.

When the Amarnath yatra was attacked by Muslim terrorists, the indian media tried to make a false hero only to get exposed later. The Indian media tried selling the bravery of a driver and allegedly kept driving while Islamic terrorists were firing on the bus and thereby saved many lives. The story later turned out be a concocted one as the real story of the Bus owner came in the light. As per the witnesses accounts it was Harsh Desai the unsung hero who forced the driver to drive who was shocked and confused at the time of attack. Harsh desai was badly injured he sustained three bullets while the driver was not even injured our main stream media tried to make a false hero out of Saleem because he was a Muslim and that fits into the narrative of media. In the whole process media forced people not to talk about the Hindus who were dead by the Islamic terror.

This is not an isolated case, you may have seen whenever a terror happens, instead of talking of those who are killed the media across the globe comes with the pictures that how Muslims are helping the injured for example giving medicine, giving water.

During the London terror attacks, the British media tried to do the same when they projected a Sikh driver as a Muslim taxi driver who was offering free ride during that time.

Tweet now deleted by Cosmopolitan

The point here is wrongly or rightly if a Muslim is showing humane traits in any situation is great thing. Like all the things they report (though mostly wrong) for example helping an injured person, providing free ride ,driving during terror attack or returning the wallet because they are Muslims. All such things are simple humane traits, everyone does that in any situation. But what is sad is Muslims across the world have earned such a reputation that if the behave like humane these days, It’s a news item for the media. ⁠⁠⁠⁠


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Vikas R S Giri is an educationalist, teaches physics to Senior secondary, and believes in आत्मरक्षा हिंसा नही !

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