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Congress goons killed Freedom of speech while their masters were trying to become champions of it!

Congress goons killed Freedom of speech while their masters were trying to become champions of it !

On July 15,2017,  Madhur Bhandarkar a well known filmmaker was in Pune for the promotional press conference of his upcoming movie Indu Sarkar. Goons hired by Congress party entered in large numbers in the hotel lobby and created ruckus there. The filmmaker and his team was stranded like hostages in hotel room until the intervention of the police commissioner Rashmi Shukla and DCP Munde. Police protected the entire team from the blood thirsty goons of Congress party. And obviously Madhur had to cancel the promotional event of the movie.

Next day he was in Nagpur for similar event and almost the same thing was repeated. He had to cancel the Nagpur event as well because of the hooliganism of the congress party members. Talking to the ANI he said, He and his actors are frightened, they are being threatened,You(congress) are threatened by a film ? He questioned.

Prior to this even the censor board tried to obstruct the smooth release of the film. They dictated the director to remove many named of the political leaders, many dialogues. The hilarious part in all this exercise was the people at the censor board found no problems with some of the dialogues in the trailer but they were not okay with these dialogues in the movie.

The movie is roughly based on the dark era of Indian political history when the that time dictator of Congress party Indira Gandhi had imposed emergency in the nation. The citizens were not allowed to exercise their fundamental rights and all the inhuman activities were forced by the then prime minister Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi.

While the goons of the Indian national congress were threatening the artist the masters of these goons were trying to be champions of freedom of expression on micro blogging website twitter in another case. There was an FIR by unknown person against self claimed comedians of a group named AIB. The Mumbai cyber police on Friday filed a first information report against All India Bakchod co-founder Tanmay Bhat for allegedly “insulting” the prime minister through a tweet. They posted the doppleganger’s photo alongside an actual photo of Modi’s face with the Snapchat dog filter.

Joining the brigade, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor spilled sarcasm in his recent post by adding the dog filter to his picture. He wrote alongside: “Attn all trolls: I took the #DogFilter challenge! @AllIndiaBakchod.” The AIB people claim to be comedian but most the people with them are pedophiles, molesters and abusers.

So the congress leaders came in the support of these self claimed comedians while they sent their goons to attack Madhur Bhandarkar and his team to suppress the freedom of expression. Its not the first time that congress has done such things.

Its the history of Congress party since the independence to suppress the freedom of speech as guaranteed by the constitution. Congress when in government has banned many books, many films. And when they are not in government they have become road side goons in order to suppress the freedom of ordinary citizens of this country. It can also be easily seen that congress’ behaviour in this had always been to appease Muslims and Christians in India. If you look at the list of Books, Films, Authors they banned you will find most of them were related to the reality in Islam and Christianity. In their entire history they have been fine with the abuses hurled at Hindus,India and the Indian Army.


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